Showcase your products online with high-quality detail in 3D

Users can view your products from every angle, exactly as they would in a physical store! Increased customer engagement & sales rates via a highly realistic representation.

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Why use our Phasma3D Viewer?

Stunning digital-first buying experience

Allow users to actively engage with your products. Rotate, Zoom, view from any angle & from any device. Enhance brand reliability via near real-life visuals, that ultimately aid in a strong online presence and increased sales.

  • Inspection from any angle
  • Realistic visuals in real-time
  • Works on any device & browser
  • Easy integration with any website or platform
  • Fast loading via 3D data processing
  • 3D data protection & privacy
  • 3D analytics & recommendations

Deliver first-class online exhibition of your physical products

Interactive product info & customization

Product characteristics can dynamically appear through digital annotations aiding the customer decision process. Additionally, consumers are empowered and given the freedom to customize the depicted product thus offering a newfound personalization.

  • Configure surface color & materials
  • Informative annotations
  • Animate your content to give them life
  • Insightful guided navigation

Show your products' value, create transparency & raise satisfaction

Virtual photography with ease

Through our Phasma3D online platform, we offer the option to generate additional media content. Effortlessly produce realistic 2D visuals, interactive 3D images and videos, that can be utilized for your digital product catalogs & social media campaigns.

  • Product rendering using ray tracing technology
  • Setup light sources & environment settings
  • Perform post-processing editing
  • High-resolution images
  • 360° turntable images
  • Video animations

Replace expensive product photoshoots with 3D virtual photorealism

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Gain a competitive advantage with top-quality 3D presentation

For eCommerce clients

Provide the perfect continuity of the retail experience online. Present future designs in a compelling, true-to-life way.

For Digital agencies

Make 3D projects for your clients. Optimize media content generation. Reduce product photoshoots.

What if I do not have a 3D model?

No 3D model? No problem! We can find the right solution for you, and digitize your products quickly & at scale.

1. Schedule a Call

Let's get in touch, discuss your project & define the requirements.

2. Tailored Demos

We will provide a custom 3D demo presentation based on your needs, as to enable quality assurance & alignment.

3. Smooth Integration

Dedicated assistance on adding Phasma3D into your website or eCommerce platform.

4. Continous Support

We offer regular feature updates, maintenance and upgrades during to ensure top-quality services.

Additional 3D Services

3D content is here to stay, and the need for immersive, engaging, and photorealistic 3D content is increasing in all markets. Phasmatic offers consultation services for a wide array of projects, based on our expertise and +10 years of experience. Additionally, we offer custom development solutions, tailored to your products and needs.

3D Modeling & Processing

Real-time 3D Graphics

Photorealistic Rendering


Virtual & Augmented Reality

Successful Collaborations

We deliver services through commercialized knowledge & technology transfer

We foster the development of Open Standards for the Metaverse

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"Phasmatic is just awesome. They designed our 3D products and took the online customer's journey to a whole new level! We are a purely online business, so giving the option to our customers to interact with our products increased engagement drastically!"

Avgousta Theodoulou
CEO at Avgousta Theodoulou Fashion Studio

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